Comarch’s solution is not only for large shopping centers, we also offer local businesses cost-effective access to a modern performance marketing toolset. Using our App, the customer is able to locate a nearby service provider, place an order for a hot cup of their favorite coffee, book an appointment at the hairdressers or change a flat tire at the nearest service station.

How it works?

Thanks to its functionalities, the app provides support for local businesses – who become partners of the program. Small bakeries and grocery stores, souvenir shops, hairdressers, lawyers, accountants, restaurants, guest houses, photographers, cinemas, theatres, museums, tourist attractions etc. can all benefit from our solution. The Smart City Application is a great answer for their growing need for new marketing channels. Thanks to its functionalities, the App provides support for local businesses – partners of the program. It is the commercial part of Application. For each location, users of the Smart City Application can find the drop-down list with special commercial offers from partners associated with the particular platform for services in that area. The type of offer can differ from coupons, discounts and bonuses to other extra incentives, and utilizing behavioral data and preferences allows for advanced precision in marketing activities. This is how displayed offers are not only customized by the precise user geolocation, but also by user segmentation and behavioral profiling.