Comarch Smart Parking

We have created the Comarch Smart Parking solution because we are drivers ourselves and we know how much time the search for a free parking space in a city can take. Why not change it? Don’t waste your time anymore and take advantage of our mobile application.

Find a parking space

In our application you will find information on parking spaces available in your neighbourhood.

Now you can also reserve them in a simple way.

Let yourself be guided. Your space is already waiting!

Thanks to the navigation you will reach your space without a problem. You can also define a space ideally matching your requirements.

Park and enjoy a beautiful day

Congratulations, you are just gaining a lot of free time!

Parking with Comarch Smart Parking is a pleasure.

Comarch Smart Parking is a complex solution that allows efficient management of the car park areas. Our system provides car park operators and managers with tools that facilitate their daily work.

Comarch Smart Parking

  • Detection of free parking spaces in real time using Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA) functionality or a sensor network
  • Support for both outdoor and indoor car parks, Park&Ride, municipal or private
  • Vehicle identification with LPR (Licence Plate Recognition) cameras or RFID labels
  • Management of car park infrastructure such as: cameras, detectors, RFID readers, barriers and other, together with view of their current state
  • Generating operational and managerial reports, statistics concerning occupancy and car parks
  • Integration of data from multiple parking systems in one place
  • Fee management
  • Integration with the fee collection system
  • Integration with the City Card
  • Management of parking space reservation for a definite time
  • Integration with the Comarch Security Platform system offering video analytics from the security area

Smart City projects often include many interconnected components based on ideas such as Smart Mobility or Green City initiatives. They address the challenges of a changing world and modern cities. It is widely known that mobility and smart management of transport is one of the most important concerns of any urban area. Due to the implementation and possibilities connected with Smart Cities, we can enhance quality of life and improve citizen well-being.

Smart Mobility in Action

Imagine that your phone advises you to get out of bed earlier than the day before because the traffic is forecasted to be heavy, or that the fastest way to get to work today is… your bike. This is smart mobility in action. It lets mobile users know when the next tram, subway train or bus departs, with real-time information for all stops, integrated timetables and traffic information enabling citizens to get around on public transportation hassle-free. Thanks to communication between users, street sensors, vehicle sensors and the intelligent data analysis, convenience is fully possible.