Simple navigation tells you the way, optimizes the customer journey and takes user preferences and tastes into account. Geolocation and location-based services give accurate information about points of interest, nearby stops, public transportation routes, directions etc. The journey planner is very useful for every user; based on information from different sources gathered in our App, citizens can plan their journey using various means of transportation. Users also have access to differential data, like traffic or air pollution collected in one place.

Choose a smart offer

The Application displays a list, or map view, of nearby partners – shops, restaurants, cinemas and many more. The user of the Mobile Application selects an offer and can immediately get  information about the opening hours, location and the fastest route to the offer destination.

With all these functionalities, it is much easier to plan a journey in the city or simply optimize your time.

Furthermore, the customers can personalize their accounts by adding their favorite places, shops or offers, and are also able to check their own basket or account history. Users can set the limit for the types of offers they would like to receive, or personalize alerts about specific metro or bus lines.

Thanks to GPS technology, we can give accurate directions on the street, but Comarch Beacon Technology gives us the additional opportunity to guide customers when they are inside buildings.

What is more, customers are also able to check its own basket or account history.

The Smart City Mobile Application for Customers is the key point of this project. It gives the possibility to get an accurate customer location via the in range Beacons or via their GPS position. Thanks to this opportunity, the Smart City App is able to send the most relevant offers and gather statistics about customer behavior, which can be displayed by partners to target particular offers, or used by city authorities to increase transport efficiency, or targeting particular offers., for example.