Building a Smart City

The Smart City concept is spreading rapidly as it is a winning idea to cope with some severe urban problems such as energy consumption, air pollution or traffic. Our Smart City vision includes many smaller parts like city knowledge, green city or digital city, but the main aim is to create a better quality of life for citizens and visitors. As stated in new research, by 2050, 70% of the population will live in cities, which are sources of both opportunities and problems. To meet the growing challenges and increase the quality of life in urban spaces, Comarch has launched the unique and comprehensive Smart City concept.

Each Smart City project starts with the main idea and business concept. Holistic thinking and wide knowledge gathered from over 50 successfully implemented Comarch CRM and Marketing initiatives, supported by over 20 years of experience, make us experts in innovative customer loyalty solutions. Detailed, developed procedures and innovative solutions led us to propose a comprehensive, yet flexible, solution.

Smart Operation Team

In each city, where we have implemented Smart City projects, different teams work locally in order to provide citizens with innovations as well as tried and tested solutions. Continuous coordination of smart offers and transportation is extremely cost effective. Appropriate management of vast amounts of data, eliminating communication lapses and seeing things afresh, create an opportunity to achieve a new quality of city management.

Our solution: Comarch Smart City Platform

Comarch Smart City Platform is a state-of-art product designed to revolutionize the way that the urban public communicate and interact. These relations are empowered by Information & Communication technologies, highly customizable software and geolocation technologies.

Comarch’s system is based on a merge of several technologies, modules and functions that have already been used and tested on different markets, implementations and sectors. The most prominent system is Comarch Loyalty Management – leading loyalty management software, used by many airlines (e.g. JetBlue, SAS) and other global brands. It consists of several layers that make the solution flexible and unique, and it enables endless possibilities.

The first of the covered areas is transportation, where users can organize their trips, including all means of public transport. Trip planner takes into consideration variables, such as delays, traffic intensity and changes in the routes or facilities for disabled persons. Information about the schedules and geographic coordinates are also available. All in all, the aim is to make the mobility within the city much easier and tailored to the real needs of all commuters.

The commercial part of the Application offers further options. For each location, users can find the drop-down list with special promo offers from partners. This includes shops, restaurants and particular service points, but also cinemas, theatres, museums and tourist attractions. The public sector usually covers services provided by publicly held cultural institutions, city hall and other governmental organizations. Offers can be in the form of discounts, bonuses or extra incentives. Usage of behavioral data and preferences allows for advanced precision marketing, thanks to this ability, displayed offers are not only matched with the location, but also take into account user behavior and preferences.

Beacons integrated into the platform enable partners to send notifications about recent, personalized offers. Public authorities can also manage city and transportation alerts using the information collected by beacons. Owing to those capabilities, beacons are the perfect platform connector between the smart city (administration), partners (vendors) and users (customers).

The platform also embraces the gamification component that engages users by inviting them to take part in a ‘game’. Badges, leader boards and joy from completing challenges are reliable tools to engage users. The Smart City concept is a modern tool that is helpful in building better interaction between the city and its citizens.

Smart City – new model of interaction

Each Smart City project can be operated by different entities. The operator of the program offers the Mobile Application, which serves as a link between city partners and city dwellers. Smart city’s main objective is to facilitate the everyday life of the citizens. In all cases, the operator and main partner can be a city council, transportation company (public or private), retail association, telecommunication company, a bank, and so on. There are two specific Smart City business models: operator-based and license-based model.

In the operator-based model, a leading organization gathers partners around it. Partners can operate in different business areas and environments, or they can be different in terms of the size and model of the business. Those organizations negotiate the rules of cooperation with Comarch.

In the license-based model, the entity that organizes the program purchases the license for Smart City Platform, and is entirely responsible for the development and management. Comarch delivers the software and technical support for this solution.