Smart Decisions

A key factor which enables partners to have a precise decision is flawless data analysis. Comprehensive knowledge can simply be translated into more effective business decisions. This is a valuable opportunity for both the private sector and for public authorities.

Smart Behavioral Analysis

The analytical tools of Comarch Smart City are based on a behavioral segmentation model. Advanced analytics allow for better planning of activities and analyzing data from various perspectives, including those previously overlooked.

Comarch Business Intelligence – advanced analytics

The Analytic Reporting module allows Smart City users to benefit from multidimensional analysis. A tool dedicated to end users (managers, partners and analysts) is Comarch Business Intelligence Application.

The business intelligence module supports multiple data analysis tools enabling multi-dimensional segmentation, customer scoring, product bundle analysis, customer journey visualization, etc.

The Recommendation module aims to quickly present information (offers, products, news) that are often of interest to the users of the back-office applications (program operator, sponsor, partners, etc.).

The Customer Insight toolset is significantly extended thanks to the incorporation of Comarch Social Mining Technology that allows enriching customer analytical profiles with data imported from social media accounts.

Segmentation is the process of dividing data elements into classes or clusters, so that items in the same class are as similar as possible, meanwhile items in different classes are as dissimilar as possible.