Beacon Infrastructure
Management Application

About Beacons

Comarch Beacon is an Internet of Things sensor that transmits radio signals to mobile devices, offering information and triggering an action based on a business logic. Beacons by Comarch is an innovative solution that allows businesses to have personalized conversations with customers when they are in a certain proximity of the business location. It allows two-way communication between the Application and the transmitter, and works both indoors and outdoors. Beacon technology also allows business users to gain a better understanding of customer behavior. This is how a contextually relevant message can find its way to the customer in real-time.

Comarch Beacons - the set of benefits

Simplicity: With the direct net connection it’s easier than ever to simplify Beacon configuration, management and support;

OS agnostic: Smoothly integrates with iOS, Android and Windows Phone (ongoing);

Long lasting: Easily replaceable battery and a resistible case guarantee a long lifespan for beacons;

Endless possibilities: Multiple functions, various businesses and industries;

Enriched functionalities: Easy integration with other Comarch products;

Contextual intelligence: Interacts with mobile applications based on business needs;

Secure: Unique ID of each Comarch beacon is authorized by a compatible App upon each communication attempt;

Real-time control: Sensor-based control over different parameters in remote locations (light, temperature, placement) anytime and anywhere;

Configurable: Its parameters and behavior in which it serves your Mobile App can be quickly configured and managed remotely through Comarch Mobile Management Platform;

Beacons as part of a system – IoT

What is Comarch IoT Solution?

The Internet of Things (IoT) concept connects people, devices, platforms, processes and data to enhance business performance. It helps an organization to monitor business processes, as well as accurately detect and fix problems with various analytical tools provided by the system. Comarch IoT Solution consists of Comarch IoT Platform, that links the physical world of connected devices with the digital business infrastructure - business applications, as well as core enterprise systems. The IoT Platform integrates: beacons, gateways or intelligent chips.

Smart Beacon Management

A Beacon transmitter is adjustable. Thanks to the appropriate type of Bluetooth technology, we can link smart solutions with different kinds of business goals. The range of accessible radio signals can be adjusted from 10 centimeters/4 inches (useful when closing the marketing loop with a beacon placed near to the cash register) to 70 meters/77 yards (public beacon). Device parameters can be quickly configured and managed remotely through the Management Platform, with real-time, sensor-based control over different parameters (light, temperature, location). Our devices are secure, owing to the unique identifier, which Comarch ensures. Every Beacon’s Technology is authorized by a compatible App, which controls each communication attempt.